Truck Accessories For Sports Lovers

Published: 15th September 2010
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Are you an adventure freak who loves to tramp around in search of adventure, replete with a truck and all sporting equipment in tow? Then chances are that you fret over one of the following: the safe transportation of all your gear, the fact that you canít use top end accessories like Yakima or Thule because of lack of availability of anything to mount them on to your truck bed, damage caused to your gear owing to the bouncing around in the truck. If you indeed fret over any of the above, then you need truck rack accessories by love-2-surf!

Truck rack accessories by love-2-surf were developed because of the need for effective and secure transportation of sporting equipment on the back of a truck leaving the truck bed free for other stuff. Whether you own a Toyota, Ford, Dodge or a Chevy, our contemporary truck rack system will leave you stupefied as you discover its convenience. Our truck racks ensure easy accessibility and can be removed promptly to load supplies and other equipment. No longer do you need to stack gear on the roof, you can pack it in the truck bed with the aid of our truck racks.

Our truck accessories are sleek and stylish and leading the pack is the L2S sport rack bracket. Its many advantages include the fact that it is easily mountable on Toyota cleats and rails and is ideal for Yakima and Thule accessories. Surfboards: long boards and short boards, snowboards, windsurfers, skis, kayaks, bikes, cargo boxes and anything else you can think of, the L2S sport rack bracket promises to carry one and all securely. This black powder coated rack is sturdy and durable and is made up of weather resistant steel and comes with lifetime warranty for a limited time period only. The L2S rectangle bracket fits Thule and the L2S round bracket fits Yakima accessories.

Love-2-surf also offers multi-sport truck rack accessories besides the sport rack brackets. The multi-sport rack basics include four L2S sport rack brackets as well as two L2S, Yakima or Thule cross -bars. Also up for grabs are surf rack attachments which comprise of four L2S or Yakima cross bar pads and two Yakima strap thang bag w/end caps. The multi-sport rack configurations include various L2S, Thule or Yakima accessories to suit your needs. Just give us a call and get all the information you need.

Truck rack accessories by love-2-surf are tailor made for hassle free transportation of all your sporting equipment to give you peace of mind on all your adventure trips. So come discover all the truck accessories which metamorphose your truck into a sport machine!

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